2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Coaching Science in Shanghai 2016


first author affiliation country title abbreviation prg.number page
Peijie Chen President of Shanghai University of Sport China Greeting 2016nov-12-Greeting 1
James Shih-Chung CHENG Secretary-General of Asia Association of Coaching Science Taiwan Greeting 2016nov-12-Greeting 3
Keynote Speakers 2016nov-11-L 24
Francis G. O'CONNOR Military and Emergency Medicine USA Evidence-based Diagnosis and Management of Exertional Heart Illness 2016nov-12-L-01
Carrie A. JAWORSKI University of Chicago USA Injury Prevention Programs 2016nov-12-L-02
Jaochim MESTER German Sports University of Cologne Germany Science-based Concepts and Experiences in Professional Foootball and other Performance Sports 2016nov-12-L-02
Masamitsu ITO Nippon Sports Science University Japan New Era of Coach Development 2016nov-12-L-04 29
Andy HO Chinese Culture University Taiwan Lifelong Strength Training in Aging Societies 2016nov-12-L-06 30
Peter CHEN Chinese Culture University Taiwan Dr.Jasson Chiang's Live Vision, Mission, Inspiration and Contribution to AACS 2016nov-12-L-memorial 31
Kazuhiko WATANABE Hiroshima University Japan How to Apply Somatosensory Feedback to Coaching of Motor Control 2016nov-12-L-07 32
Binghong GAOE Shhanghai University of Sports China Comparison of Aerobic Capacity Change in National-level Rower after 4, 6 and 8-week Altitude Training 2016nov-12-L-08 33
Aijie LIU Deputy Director-general, Chinese Olympic Committee China The Modern Characteristics of Sports and the Change of its Training Theory and Application 2016nov-12-L-09
Xiaoping CHEN China Institute of Sports Science China Progress and Trends of Modern Sports Training in the Context of Science 2016nov-12-L-10
Ulrich HARTMANN University of Leipzig Germany Periodization Models —a Conflict between Myth and Science 2016nov-12-L-11
Dunguo Rong Dept. of PE, Shanghai Business College China Analysis of the Training of Sports Intellectual Factors 2016nov-12-OA-01 1
Hui Han Beijing sports university track and field section China Analysis of the Chinese elite male high jump athletes' Zhang GUO WEI for training 2016nov-12-OA-02 2
Xinglin Zhang Han-Shan Teacher's College China The realization on the concept of "Great National Team" about Chinese women's volleyball team based on the 2016 Olympic Games 2016nov-12-OA-03 3
Zili Jiang Department of Physical Education, Tsinghua University China Pre-competition Training Load in Elite Sprinters: Theoretical Basis and Practical Exploration 2016nov-12-OA-04 4
Jie Cao Hubei Provincial Institute of Sports Science China Related research of outstanding open-men rowers' body composition and their performances of rowing 2km 2016nov-12-OA-05 14
Shigeki Sarodo Nippon Sport Science University Japan Searching for a Better Community for Coach Developers to Learn 2016nov-12-OA-06 6
Kotaro Aoki National Institution for Youth Education, Shibuya Japan Study on the Physical and Psychological Effects of the Snow Games 2016nov-12-OA-07 7
Yuta UEMATSU Nippon Sport Science University Japan Why did top level junior gymnasts quit the sports? 2016nov-12-OA-08 8
Iizuka K. Todainoken.Co.Ltd Japan Prince Mérode Memorial IOC Sports Science Education Project 2016nov-12-OA-09 9
Seki Tomoaki Nayoro City University Japan The Coaching and Incentive 2016nov-12-OA-10 10
Lim, Hyosung Korea National Sport University Korea A Single Case Study of Counseling Targeting the Golf Coach 2016nov-12-OA-11 11
Ruidong Liu Department of Physical Education, Tsinghua University China Different effects of core strength training and traditional strength training on
functional movement and physical performance
2016nov-12-OB-01 15
Kangkang Zhou Physical Training and Rehabilitation Center at National Sports Trainging Center China The applied research on the injury risk threshold of the functional movement
screening of the top Chinese table tennis athletes
2016nov-12-OB-02 16
Ming Yang Tsinghua University China Application of High-Intensity Interval Training in Pre-Contest Preparation of
2016nov-12-OB-03 17
Xudan Cai Faculty of Physical Education, Ningbo University China GPS analysis of elite Chinese male field hockey players during competition:
Based on the new IHF rules
2016nov-12-OB-04 18
Tienan Wu Heihe University China Recovery method for elite young swimmers after intensity training at altitude. 2016nov-12-OB-05 19
Jiabin Yu Research academy of Grand Health, Ningbo University China The Muscle Function Study during the Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Phase of Sprinting 2016nov-12-OB-06 20
Haining Teng Tsinghua University China The Influence of HIIT Training to 800m Runner's "Lactic Acid Resistant—High Speed" Pattern 2016nov-12-OB-07 21
Yi Peng Beijing Sport University China Empirical Study of Lactate Tolerance Training on Land in Short Distance
Swimming Events
2016nov-12-OB-08 13
Junjiro Kubo Heisei University Japan Relationship between grip and pinch strengths and Kumite in male university
judo players
2016nov-12-OB-09 22
Hiroo Takahashi National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan The Relationships between Ball speed and Ball spin of Men's professional
Tennis Matches
2016nov-12-OB-10 23
Jae Koo Lee Dept. of Leisure and Sports, Sahmyook University,Seoul Kore Influences of Genetic Polymorphisms in COL1A1 and MMP3 Genes on Anterior
Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Korean Athletes
2016nov-12-OB-11 24
Chunmei Cao Division of Sport Science and Physical Education, Tsinghua University, Beijing China Effect of Functional Decline on Extrinsic Feedback in Skill Learning in Old
2016nov-12-OC-01 24
Huihua Lan School of Graduate, Tianjin University of Sport, Tianjin China Age Effects on Postural Adjustments in Response to Support Surface Translation 2016nov-12-OC-02 25
Nan Xu Beijing Sport University China Influence of loaded warm-up on running economy and neuromuscular
2016nov-12-OC-03 26
Wen Dai Shanghai university of Sport China Cortical Reorganization with Plasticity During Long-term Training 2016nov-12-OC-04 27
Yang Hong Sport Service Inspection Center, China Institute of Sport Science, Beijing China Comparison of EMG Activity during Hard and Soft Unstable Surfaces with Different Load in Deep Squats 2016nov-12-OC-05 29
Zijian Zhao Zhengzhou University China The Value and key points of Children's Strength Training 2016nov-12-OC-06 31
Dongfeng Nie Physical Education Department, Northwestern Polytechnical University China Research on The Quality of Life of College students in China from the perspective of physical fitness 2016nov-12-OC-07 32
Qun Zuor School of Kinesiology, Shanghai University of Sport China Investigation of nutritional knowledge scores in fitness 2016nov-12-OC-08 30
Shuhei HIROTA Hokusho University Japan Development of Rhythm Exercises for Improvement of Physical Fitness and Exercise Capacity of Children in Hokkaido 2016nov-12-OC-00 33
Moriyama S Tokyo Gakugei University Japan Effect on backstroke swimming performance by using two types of breathing rhythm in recreational swimmers ......................................................................... 2016nov-12-OC-09 34
Okamura A Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba Japan Instant Feedback System for Improving Sports Performance Utilizing Home-Use Digital Video Camera 2016nov-12-OC-10 35
Park ChulHyeong Jeju National University Korea Research on the cultivation of fitness consciousness in Korean college students 2016nov-12-OC-11 36
M.D.M.D.Wijesinghe Department of Education, Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka Effectiveness of a Yoga Program on school Principals Stress Coping Strategies: Findings 2016nov-12-OC-12 36
Yanan Wang Guilin University of Technology China Study on Physical Characteristics of China First-Class Female Karate Players 2016nov-13-P-01 39
Zhiqiang Jia Beijing Sport University China The Theory and Practice of Trinity of Offensive Defense Tactics in Athletic
2016nov-13-P-02 39
Qiong Zuo Beijing sport university China Research on talent cultivation for excellent the disabled athlete at higher sport
2016nov-13-P-03 40
Guangxu Wang Shanghai University of Sport China Effect of different exercise modes on glycaemic control and body composition in patients with type 2 diabetes: A meta-analysis 2016nov-13-P-04 41
Bo Li Shanghai University of Sport China Analyses of Determinants of Winning among World Women's Tennis Singles Players 2016nov-13-P-05 42
Weibin Mo Sport School of Guangxi Normal University, Guilin China Effects of oxygen intervention on Testosterone, Corticosterone, BUN and Cr of 400 meter athletes 2016nov-13-P-06 43
Yongkang Wang Beijing Sports University China The Effect of Time Features in BWF Tournaments on Athletes in Competition 2016nov-13-P-07 44
Ling Yang Chengdu sports institute China The influence of "school, family and society" on the health of teenagers  2016nov-13-P-08 44
Ranwu Nong Hankou University China The Influence of Scientific Sports Training Supervision in Training Results 2016nov-13-P-09 45
Shanshan Jiao School of Graduate, Tianjin University of Sport, Tianjin China Anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments in response to translational
support surface perturbation
2016nov-13-P-10 46
Ping Gao Research center of sports and health, Wuhan sports university China Empirical Research on Aerobic Training of Canoe Slalom 2016nov-13-P-11 47
Hong Yubin Jeju National Universitya Korea Applied Research on Tactics of Futsal goalkeeper 2016nov-13-P-12 48
Yumeng Liu Zhengzhou University China The Thinking of College Physical Education Under the Horizon of Sports Promoting Health 2016nov-13-P-13 49
Wenjia Chen Beijing Sport University China Research of the Training Arrangements of Wang Li-ping's Advanced Specialized Stage for Elite Women Walking Racer in China 2016nov-13-P-14 50
Zhe Han Hubei Sports Science Research Institute China Analysis of the young women's doubles player's technical and tactical characteristics 2016nov-13-P-15 51
Yin Yu affil count The biochemical indicators evaluation of high level canoeing athletes 2016nov-13-P-16 53
Linbo Sha Beijing Sport University China The Research on Relation Between P&R Aggressiveness and Effectivenes of Men's European Elite Teams 2016nov-13-P-17 54
Weiguo Liu Guangxi Normal University China The Comparative Study of the Movement Characteristics of Three Types of Tennis Single-handed Backhand Strokes 2016nov-13-P-18 35
Hui Ruan School of P.E. Hainan Normal University China Research on Using FMS to Identify Action Ability and Sports Injuries Risk Prediction of College High Level Athletes 2016nov-13-P-19 56
Chi Xu Hubei Provincial Institute of Sports Science China Tensiomyography(TMG) method used for assessment of muscle injury
combined with Physiological indexes
2016nov-13-P-20 58
Lifang Zheng Shanghai University of Sport China The role of hepatocyte growth factor in skeletal muscle regeneration 2016nov-13-P-21 59
Xin Liu Physical Education College of Zhengzhou University China Henan province city empty nester practicing qigong present situation and
countermeasure research
2016nov-13-P-22 60
Liao Liping Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science China Influence of Muscle Balance and Arm Speed After Isokinetic Eccentric Training to The Antagonist Muscles of Shoulder Internal Rotation 2016nov-13-P-23 61
Jian Sun GuangZhou Sports University China Development Trend and Characteristics of World Elite Women's Wrestling Techniques and Tactics 2016nov-13-P-24 63
Huagen Yin Graduate Division of Xi'an Physical Education University China The main technical indicators statistical analysis and research for Japan's table-tennis rookie Mima Ito 2016nov-13-P-25 64
Caihua Huang PE Department, Xiamen University of Technology China NMR-based Metabolomic Approach in Sports Monitoring: A Case of Rapid
Weight Loss in a Sanda Athlete
2016nov-13-P-26 65
Miki Ohmura Graduate School of Lifelong Sport, Hokusho University Japan Proactive Motor Action Training adapted to severe and multiple handicapped children 2016nov-13-P-27 67
Takeda Tadashi School of Lifelong Sport, Hokusho University, Ebetsu Japan Coaching ski and snowboard using GPS device 2016nov-13-P-28 67
Kenta Fujino Nippon Sport Science University Japan Learning from others. —Japan rugby top league coaches' case — 2016nov-13-P-29 68
Seiji Nakayama Graduate School of Health and Sport Science Nippon Sport Science University Japan Differences in coaching behavior between Spanish and Japanese soccer coaches. 2016nov-13-P-30 69
Shuji Sakamoto Nihon University Japan Fundamental analysis on positioning during offensive play with goal throw as a
starting point in blind football
2016nov-13-P-31 70
Ishii Yui Hokusho Universisty Japan Studies on improvement of physical fitness and education for Junior Leader by
morning exercise at elementary school
2016nov-13-P-32 71
Konno R J.F.Oberlin University Japan The differential effects of parenting styles on parental support for children's
physical activity
2016nov-13-P-33 72
Akira Yoshida Nihon University Japan Qualitative analysis on communication of goalkeeper in Blind football 2016nov-13-P-34 73
Shota Sakamoto Graduate School of Health and Sport Science Nippon Sport Science University Japan What makes guided discovery coaching effective? : Qualitative and quantitative
analysis of a soccer coach's behavior
2016nov-13-P-35 74
Masahiko Tokuda Hokusho University Japan The effect of Educational camps in College students 2016nov-13-P-36 75
Inagaki Ryosuke University of Fukui Japan Japanese University Students' Awareness of Beach Warning Flags and Guidelines for Safety Education 2016nov-13-P-37 76
Shunsuke Murakami Graduate school of Physical Education, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan Ball Speed and Spin Rates of Tennis Strokes on Junior Tennis Players 2016nov-13-P-38 77
Choi, Kwan Yong Korea National Sport University Korea A Case Study on Consulting for Improving Coaching by Coaches in Taekwondo Gym 2016nov-13-P-39 79
Yang Ming JEJU NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Korea Intense Interval Training and Traditional Exercise Interventions for Health
Promotion in College student
2016nov-13-P-40 80
Chun-Chieh Wang Graduate Institute of Athletics and Coaching Science, National Taiwan Sport University, Taoyuan Taiwan Effect of kinesiotaping to the supraspinatus after fatigue on shoulder
neuromuscular control and proprioception – pilot study
2016nov-13-P-41 81
Chao-Yen Chen Center of physical education , Kaohsiung Medical University Taiwan Comparison the effect of physical training for seniors by a fitness instructor and monitored by a smart watch at home in physical fitness and bone density 2016nov-13-P-42 82
Hui-Yuan Tang Department of Exercise and Health Promotion, Chinese Culture University Taiwan Environmental influences on Olympic performances: The context of Taiwan 2016nov-13-P-43 83
Chenglong Liu Tianjin University of Sport, Chinese Rugby Football Association China Characteristics of Winning in International Women's Rugby Sevens: Video analysis on 2 finals in the 2016 Asian rugby sevens series between China and Japan 2016nov-13-P-44 84
Dan Yang Shanghai University of Sport China MicroRNA-101 regulation of skeletal muscle injury and repair 2016nov-13-P-45 85
Huaichuan Zhang Beijing Sport University China An Analysis about Peimeng Zhang's Sprint Techniques during Midway Running
of 100 Meters Sprint
2016nov-13-P-46 86
Juan Huang Shanghai University of Sport China The role of GCN2 in the regulation of cardiac hypertrophy induced by endurance training 2016nov-13-P-47 87
Manman Li Shanghai University of Sport China A study on the relationship between exercise habit and susceptibility to negative emotion in women: a study of ERP 2016nov-13-P-48 88
Qin Yang Lab of Human Performance, Shanghai University of sport China Cannabinoid receptor agonist WIN55212.2 weakens exercise-induced weight loss by reducing spontaneous activity 2016nov-13-P-49 89
Yanyan Zhang Shanghai University of sports China The speed and speed endurance improvement in student in response to physical training 2016nov-13-P-50 90
Zhongchen Xia Chengdu Sport University China The experimental studies of campaign to improve alzheimer's patients health condition 2016nov-13-P-51 92
Lingling Zhang Shanghai Unviversity of Finance and Economics China Historical Review of Wheelchair Racing and its' Sport Characteristics 2016nov-13-P-52 93
Kaibin Fan Zhejiang University of science and technology China The correlation analysis on the non-technical indexes and the achievements of the women's volleyball players in the latest three Olympic Games 2016nov-13-Wr-001 95
Fangfang Zhang The graduate School of Wuhan Sports College China The influence of Jogging to People's health 2016nov-13-Wr-002 95
Wei Wang The Seventh Primary School of Changxindian of Beijing China The Effect Study of Exercise Intervention to the Overweight Students to Control and Lose Weight 2016nov-13-Wr-003 96
Cuicui Mu, Haoxiang Luan Zhengzhou University China Exercise is medicine under the idea of walking of the female form change 2016nov-13-Wr-004 97
Lili Wu Shanghai University of Sport China Dance sport Training Improves Health-related Physical Fitness Measures of Overweight/Obese Adolescents 2016nov-13-Wr-005 97
Xi Fei Beijing Sport University China Meta-analysis of Influence of Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Hypertensive of the Chinese Elderly People 2016nov-13-Wr-006 98
Meiqi Zhang Beijing Sport University China Application of Neuromuscular Control Training for Balance Ability of Athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-007 99
Rongjie Zhu Chengdu Kinesiology University China The analysis of badminton competition rhythm on game 2016nov-13-Wr-008 100
Xiyue Liu University of Macau China According to the goals in the 2016 EURO to see the future direction of Chinese football development 2016nov-13-Wr-009 100
Fu Wang Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College China Talented Cultivation of Competitive Volleyball in Tianjin 2016nov-13-Wr-010 101
Yongmin Xie Beijing Sports University China Optimal Load for Clean and Snatch in maximal power training 2016nov-13-Wr-011 102
Yanhao Tu Chengdu Sport Institute China Effect of physical preparedness of runners on middle distances who live in various climatic conditions 2016nov-13-Wr-012 103
Bin Huang Guilin University of Technology China Research about the Impact of Badminton Sports Therapy on Middle-aged Male Patients who Suffers Light or High Blood Pressure 2016nov-13-Wr-013 104
Xiaoguang Liu Shanghai University of Sport China Effects of eccentric exercise on inflammatory factors expression in skeletal muscle 2016nov-13-Wr-014 105
Xiaoting Li Hubei Institute of Sports Science China Physiological and biochemical correlates of elite open-men rowers' performance 2016nov-13-Wr-015 105
Zhaokang Hang Beijing Sport University China A Comparative Analysis on the Offense and Defense Ability and Player's PER of Sichuan Team and Liaoning Team in 2015-2016 CBA Finals 2016nov-13-Wr-016 106
Wei Sun Shanghai University of Sport China Analysis on Princeton Offense Tactic and Backcuts Technique Training Take Zhaoxu Zhang as Example, Center of Shanghai Men's Basketball Team 2016nov-13-Wr-017 107
Jiayu Li Northeastern University China The Influence of Exercise on Coedna's Dysmenorrhea in China 2016nov-13-Wr-018 108
Wei Sun Shanghai University of Sport China Analysis on the Triangle Offense Tactics in Motion Offense —Take Shanghai Maxxis Men's Basketball Team as Example 2016nov-13-Wr-019 109
Danran Bu Hubei Sports Science Research Institute China Psychological Intervention Study of Resilience Training 2016nov-13-Wr-020 110
Xiaohu Liu Tourism college of Zhejiang China Technical and Tactical Analysis of china women players and foreign Rivals in 2016 Wimbledon Championships 2016nov-13-Wr-021 111
Juan Wang Physical Education Department of Beijing Institute of Technology China Rhythmic gymnastics scoring rules international changes research on development strategy project difficulty movement 2016nov-13-Wr-022 111
Xuewei Lin Shanghai University of Sport China Blood lactic acid of boxing athletes training load intensity assessment and monitoring 2016nov-13-Wr-023 112
Ruidong Liu Tsinghua University China Trunk and lower extremity muscle activation during a deep squat under different weights and surfaces 2016nov-13-Wr-024 113
Yong Wang Chengdu Sport Institute China Technical and tactical analysis of table tennis men's team competition of the Rio Olympic Games in Xu Xin 2016nov-13-Wr-025 114
Ting Chen Shanghai University of Sport China Comparative effects of Tai Chi for three years versus Yi Jin Jing for three months exercise training on prostate in order adults 2016nov-13-Wr-026 115
Dongjin Xian Changzhou University China Research oh Training Situation of Women Hockey Reserve Talents in Jiangsu Province China 2016nov-13-Wr-027 116
Xiaohu Liu Tourism college of Zhejiang China Technical and Tactical Analysis of Zhang Shuai and Rivals in 2016 Australian Open 2016nov-13-Wr-028 117
WangWan huimin Chengdu Sport Institute China A Study on the Enhancement of Pupils' Physical Fitness and Health in tennis 2016nov-13-Wr-029 117
Peng Yi Wuhan University of Technology China Study on the Scientific Selection of Taijiquan Athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-030 118
Yuncai Fan, Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science China The study of the HRV in the Physical Fitness Training of synchronized swimming athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-031 119
Xiaorong Zhang Jiangxi Normal University China Investigation and Analysis of Jiangxi kayak Injury 2016nov-13-Wr-032 120
Jianxiu Liu Ningbo University China Multi-index evaluation of athletes􀀇 central fatigue which induced by one hour's Flanker task based on encephalofluctuogram technology 2016nov-13-Wr-033 121
Tongyang Gao Wuhan Sports University China Researching of Physiological and biochemical indicators before the game in national second team 2016nov-13-Wr-034 122
Tongjin Qian Beijing Sport University China The Study on Offensive Efficiency of Chinese Men's Basketball Team and Its Opponents in 2016 Rio Olympic Games 2016nov-13-Wr-035 123
Fan Zhao Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science China Research on the change of male triathletes' aerobic ability during winter training 2016nov-13-Wr-036 124
Wei Qi Key Laboratory of General Administration of Sport of China
Hubei Institute of Sports Science
China The Independent Effect and Cumulative Effect of Endurance Genes Polymorphisms associated with the Performance of Excellent Athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-037 125
Zhenglong Bu Chengdu Sport Institution China Experiment research: The effects of PNF and Water-immersion on middle-distance native Tibetan runners of aerobic exercise capacity 2016nov-13-Wr-038 126
Hongbing Zhang Nanjing Institute of Technology China The Analysis of Impact Factors in the Community Health Nursing for the Elderly Based on SEM: Evidence from Nanjing of China 2016nov-13-Wr-039 127
Yiqian Zheng Capital University of Physical Education and Sports China Research on the method of senior high school entrance examination sports test in Shanxi Province 2016nov-13-Wr-040 128
Fang Wu Beijing Sport University China Impacts of running performance on match results in Chinese Super League 2016nov-13-Wr-041 129
Chen Jin Rehabilitation Center, National Sports Training Center China The Effect of Core Stability Training Combined with Chiropractic in Athletes with Chronic Low Back Pain 2016nov-13-Wr-042 130
Jun Liu Suzhou Industrial Park Wencui primary school China Research on physical training methods of track and field in primary and secondary schools 2016nov-13-Wr-043 131
Pengshuai Ma Zhengzhou University China The Analysis and Research of Outstanding Women Doubles Badminton Players' Technical and Tactical Characteristics in the Word 2016nov-13-Wr-044 133
Can Wang Beijing Sport University China Effects of Grape Seed Extract Procyanidines on the NOS System and NFkB Signaling Molecules in Rats with High Intensity Endurance Training 2016nov-13-Wr-045 134
Jun Zhang Shanghai University of Sport China The effect of yoga posture training on the prevention of low back pain of Amateur youth basketball players 2016nov-13-Wr-046 135
Xueqiang Zhu Beijing Sport University,Shandong Sport University China Analysis of the Competition Pattern of the Track and Field Events Based on the Rio Olympic Medals and Research on the Development Countermeasures of Chinese Track and Field 2016nov-13-Wr-047 136
Xiaolan Liu Chengdu Sport University China Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of badminton multi ball training method based on actual combat 2016nov-13-Wr-048 137
Heng Li Shanghai University of Sport China Research on Training Load Monitoring Method of Different Age Groups 2016nov-13-Wr-049 138
Jingjing Liao Hubei Institute of Sports Sciences China Comparative Study of Different Incremental Load Plan in VO2 max Test 2016nov-13-Wr-050 139
Xiang Zhou Civil Aviation Flight University of China Department of Physical Education China Based on the characteristics of training in Theory "section cycle" of high level athletes and training content research 2016nov-13-Wr-051 140
Xiaoying Zhang Beijing Sport University China Kinematics Analysis on Different Technical Characteristics of Aerobic Gymnastics Element C479 2016nov-13-Wr-052 141
Xiang Zhou Civil Aviation Flight University of China China Experimental Study of Different Physical Exercise on adolescent mental health effects 2016nov-13-Wr-053 142
ZheSen Chu Jiaozuo Teachers' College China Experimental Study on Imagination Training in Taijiquan Teaching and Training 2016nov-13-Wr-054 143
Yu Qian Chengdu Sport Institution China Exercise related sudden death: the changes of cardiac function and structure 2016nov-13-Wr-055 145
Shen Lin Guangdong University of Education China Study on Periodic Characteristics of Physical Training for Guangdong Women Canoeing Athletes Based on VSP System 2016nov-13-Wr-056 146
En-Xiu Wei School of Physical Education Guangxi Normal University China The Sunlight Stress in Football Games 2016nov-13-Wr-057 147
Yawen Du Hubei Institute of Sports Science China The Comparative Study Between the New Indicator CRI and Vo2 Max in Choosing Excellent Sports Talent 2016nov-13-Wr-058 148
Keze Zuo The First Central Primary School of Huangcun of Beijing China The Study on Efficacy of cryotherapy for Sports Fatigue Recovery after Incremental Cycling under the Hot and Humid Environment 2016nov-13-Wr-059 149
Wenhua Pang Zhengzhou university sports institute China For body medical combination movement to promote health, for example 2016nov-13-Wr-060 150
Zhipeng Li The Guidance Center for Sports Development of Huangpu District China ECG Tracing Research on Third Level 8-17 Year-old Swimming Athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-061 151
Heng Yin Chengdu sport Institute China The influence of table tennis on the physical and mental health of the elderly 2016nov-13-Wr-062 153
Cuicui Mu Zhengzhou University China The physiological analysis of physical strength recovery in altitude training 2016nov-13-Wr-063 154
Yuxing Li Guangzhou Institution of Physical Education China Research on new material table tennis ball for technological change of the world top level man players with shake-hand grip loop 2016nov-13-Wr-064 155
Chuan Bing Zhengzhou University China A Study on the Influence of Plateau Training on Chinese Female Volleyball Players 2016nov-13-Wr-065 156
En-Xiu Wei School of Physical Education􀀒Guangxi Normal University China The study of teams'core technique parameters in football games 2016nov-13-Wr-066 157
Wen Tian Civil Aviation University of China China Fitness Training Features of Air Marshals 2016nov-13-Wr-067 158
Runji Wang Capital University of physical education and sports China Analysis of the importance of sports training monitoring to improve the competitive ability of the athletes 2016nov-13-Wr-068 159
Haozhe Jia Wuhan Sports University China Freestyle skiing aerial skill international female athletes in our country 2012, temporarily physiological and biochemical indicators monitoring research 2016nov-13-Wr-069 161
Miaomiao Xu Shanghai University of Sport China Influence of Shoe Midsole Material Hardness on Rearfoot Motion 2016nov-13-Wr-070 162
Runji Wang Capital University of physical education and sports China The feasibility analysis of improving the strategy of sports performance in high temperature and high humidity environment 2016nov-13-Wr-071 163
Zhipeng Dai, Hunan Normal University, Hunan City University China Resource Integration to Promote Elderly People's Health through Traditional Regimen Exercise in China 2016nov-13-Wr-072 164
Xiong Li Sports Science Research Institute of Hubei Province China Application of Basketball Players' Cardiac Reserve Index in Scientific Selection 2016nov-13-Wr-073 165
Xiang Zhou Civil Aviation Flight University of China Department of Physical Education China Construction group athletes based on different motor skills of self-organization theory formation 2016nov-13-Wr-074 167
Yongfeng Zhong Wuhan Sports University China Verification of "Block Training Theory"Before National Games 2016nov-13-Wr-075 168
Xiang Xie Guangxi Normal University China Experimental Study on Suitable Measurement Distance of Displacement Speed Capacity of 7-8 Years Old Children 2016nov-13-Wr-076 169
Ting Geng Hubei Science Research Center of Sports China The Comparison Research of the muscle Isokinetic strength test of the Hip, Knee and Ankle Joints between Shi Dongpeng and the Elite Sprinting, Short Span Athlete in Hubei Province 2016nov-13-Wr-077 170
weiguo Liu Guangxi Normal University China Research on Adaptability of Success Rate and Accuracy to Evaluate Stability for Each Individual Technique on Tennis 2016nov-13-Wr-078 171
Meng Liu Key laboratory of Physical Fitness Evaluation and Performance Monitoring of General Administration of Sport, Chongqing Institute of Sport Science, Chongqing Administration of Sport China The anthocyanins extracted and antioxidant activity of blueberry 2016nov-13-Wr-079 173
Peng Zhou Chengdu Institute of P.E China The application and expectation of high-tech products in volleyball 2016nov-13-Wr-080 174
Yanju Su Hebei University of Economics and Business China The Study on the Lower Limb Special Strength Characteristics of Back Punch 2016nov-13-Wr-081 175
Song Lin Beijing Sport University China The Change of MDA and SOD after Strength Training on Champaign and Altitude 2016nov-13-Wr-082 177
Shengmin Yuan Beijing Normal University China Current Situation Analysis and Strategy Research on the Design and Development about Physucal Education Curriculum Resources of Beijing 2016nov-13-Wr-083 178
Xingru Liu Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine China The Empirical Research on Functional Movement Screen and Corrective Training Effects in Adolescent Badminton Student 2016nov-13-Wr-084 180
Yong Cai Zhejiang Shuren University China The SEMG Research Of Jump Serve Air Link Of Chinese Elite Bach Volleyball Player 2016nov-13-Wr-085 182
Zihao Zhao Chengdu sport institute China The influence of table tennis training for autistic children's problem behaviors 2016nov-13-Wr-086 183
Zhi Chen HENAN University China The Analysis of Serve Skill in the Tennis Players of the College 2016nov-13-Wr-087 184
Jin Yan Beijing Sport University China A Research on the Development Situation of and Countermeasure for Basketball Sports of Beijing Private Schools 2016nov-13-Wr-088 188
Jin Yan Beijing Sport University China A Comparative Analysis on Technique Index and Player PER Efficiency of Beijing and Liaoning Team in 2014-2015 Season CBA Finals 2016nov-13-Wr-089 195
Chong Chen Liao Cheng University China The influences of fat muscle ratio on the Rowers' special ability 2016nov-13-Wr-090 205
Guo Lu Shanghai University of Sport China Effects of Exercise Training on Diabetic Cardiomyopathy 2016nov-13-Wr-091 206
Hongying Wang Shanghai University of Sport China The problems of young beach volleyball athletes'technique and tactics in training and countermeasure research 2016nov-13-Wr-092 207
Jiulin Xiang Shanghai University of Sport China Discussion on exercise prescription of prostatic hyperplasia in obese mice 2016nov-13-Wr-093 208
Lu Yang Shanghai University of Sport China Research Progress of Satellite Cells on Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage Repair Mechanisms 2016nov-13-Wr-094 209
Qianqian Tian Shanghai University of sport China The review on mechanism of exercise training in hypoxia regulated glucose and lipid metabolism-related factors in obesity 2016nov-13-Wr-095 210
Ru Deng Beijing Sport University China Research on the 2014 winter training arrangement of chinese Elite Women's 100 meter hurdles athelte Deng Ru 2016nov-13-Wr-096 211
XiangQian Xu Xinjiang University China Effectiveness of the Impact of the Core Strength Training on Specific Physical Fitness for the Female Modern Pentathlon Athletes of Jiangsu Province 2016nov-13-Wr-097 213
Xuejiao Wu Shanghai University of Sport China The Exploration of the Correlation between Sit-To-Stand Movement and Walking Performance in Hemiplegia Stroke Patients 2016nov-13-Wr-098 214
Xiaoyang Tong School of Kinesiology,Shanghai University of Sport China Research progress on effect of mechanical stress on bone metabolism pathways 2016nov-13-Wr-099 215
Yanyan Zhang Shanghai university of sport China Nutritional knowledge, attitude and practice toward exercisers- : the NUTRI-KAP survey 2016nov-13-Wr-100 216