Keynote Speaker

Francis G. O'CONNOR, PhD

Professorand Department Chair of Military and Emergency Medicine, USA
Medical Director, Consortium for Health and Military Perfonnance (CHAMP)
Past President, American Medical Society of Sports Medicine

Topic: Evidence-based Diagnosis and Management ofExertional Heat Illness


Director of Division of Primary Care Sports
Medicine, North Shore University Health System, USA
Clinical Assistant Professor of University of Chicago

Topic:Injury Prevention Programs

Joachim MESTER, PhD

Former President of German Sport Univertiys of Cologne, Germany
Former President of European College of Sport Science

Topic: Science-based Concepts and Experiences in Professional Football and Other Performance Sports

Masamitsu ITO, PhD

Associate Professor of Nippon Sport Science University, Japan

Topic: New Era of Coach Development

Walter HERZOG, PhD

Professor of University of Calgary, Canada
Former President of lntemational Society of Biomcchanics
Former President of Canada Society of Biomcchanics
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Sport & Health Science

Topic: Muscle Mechanics for Optimizing Sport Perfonnance

Andy HO, PhD

Associate Professor of Chinese Culture University, Chinese Taipei

Topic: Lifelong Strength Training in Aging Societies

Peter CHEN

Professor of Chinese Culture University, Chinese Taipei (1993-2008)
Emeritus Principal Lecturer, Dunedin College of Education, now merged with University of Otago, New Zealand

Topic:Special Memorial Session for Dr. Jasson Chiang's life: Vision, Mission, Inspiration and Contribution to AACS

Kazuhiko WATANABE, PhD

Professor of Hiroshima University, Japan
Fonner President of Asian Association of Coaching Scicncc

Topic: How to apply Somatoscnsory Feedback to Coaching of Motor Control?

Binghong GAO, PhD

Professor of Shanghai University of Sport, China

Topic: Comparisons of Aerobic Capacity Change in National-level Rowers afler 4, 6 and 8-week Altitude Training

Aijie LIU, PhD

Deputy Director-general, Olympic Games Office of COC, Chinese Olympic Committee, China
Deputy Director-general, Sport Department of GASC,
General Administration of Sport of China

Topic: The Modern Characteristics of Sports and the Changes of its Training Theory and Application

Xiaoping CHEN, PhD

Professor of China Institute of Sport Science, China

Topic: Progress and Trends of Modern Sports Training in the Context of Science


Professor and Director of Institute of Movement and Training Science II, University of Leipzig, Germany
Lecturer of International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), International Rowing Federation (F ISA), and German Coach Academy

Topic:Periodization Models-a Conflict between Myth and Science

Workshop Lecturers

Quan WEN

CSCS, Nike Contracted Coach
Chief Technology Officer of HS Performance

Topic: Plyometric Training System


Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation at the Shanghai University of Sport
Registered physiotherapist in Australia
National championship in aerobic gymnastics (China)

Topic: Pelvis Control


Founder and Managing Director of Global Speed GmbH
Handball-A-License Coach (Germany)

Topic: Sport Scientific Basics about Multi-directional Speed:
Practical Education on Speed court