Program of the 1st Asia Pacific Conference on Coaching Science in Sapporo 2014

PROGRAM Sapporo 2014

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Watanabe ,Kazuhiko Hiroshima Univ. Japan Innovation of Coaching and Coaching Science.. 12-L-09:30  
Chiang, Jasson Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan The Coach Training Course in the University.. 12-L-10:15  
Yoshioka M Nippon Sport Science Univ. Japan Desirable and undesirable behaviours of coaches .. 12-OA-01 031
Fujino K Nippon Sports Science Univ. Japan A Comparison of Expert and Beginner Strength and Conditioning Coaches Behaviour 12-OA-02  
Wijesinghe,M.D.M.D. Univ. of Peradeniya Sri Lanka The Physical Fitness Level and Participation in Sports activities.. 12-OA-03  
Shionoya A Nagaoka Univ. of Technology Japan Concept Design of New Comprehensive Community Sport Club.. 12-OA-04  
Tsai C National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The comparison of the formulated optimal bicycle seat height.. 12-OA-05  
Jeon, Byeong-hwan Kyungsung Univ. Korea Effects of blood flow restriction exercise on body compotation.. 12-OB-01 033
Chiang Cheng-Ling National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taoyuan Taiwan The effects of resistance interval and constant training on muscular hemodynamic.. 12-OB-02  
Lu Kang-Hao National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Effect of acute high-intensity intermittent exercise on cardiac biomarkers 12-OB-03  
Che, Xiao-bo Shanghai Univ.of Sport China Assessment of A Instructional Improved Integrated Movement Skills Coaching Mode.. 12-OB-04  
Dharmathilake, E.G. Univ. of Peradeniya Sri Lanka Intervention to take the Body Mass Index of Six School Children.. 12-OB-05  
Wang, Pei-Fan National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Test-retest Reliability of the Specific Fitness Test in Table Tennis Players 12-OB-06  
      Proceeding Poster   043
IIZUKA,Kuniaki Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science Japan Coaches and Scientists Synergy ―Ideals in Japanese Forum for Winter Sport Science― 12-P-01 045
Seki T Nayoro City Univ. Japan Coaching Management of School Sport in Japan 12-P-02 047
Kim H Hiroshima University Collaborative Research Center Japan The origin of the Coaching Consider from a Martial Arts Book of Secrets:Focusing on "Ittosai Sensei Kenpousyo" 12-P-03 049
Yamada Y Hokusho Univ. Japan Teaching method of Karate at physical education in junior high school. 12-P-04 051
Moriya N Bunka Gakuen Univ. Japan Effectiveness of Teaching for Beginner Children in Triathlon 12-P-05 053
TAKEDA, Tadashi Hokusho Univ. Japan 12-P-06 055
Lim Hyosung Korea National Sport Univ. Korea Research on the Coaching Performance Factors of Expert Golf Coaches 12-P-07  
Kishi K Kyoai Gakuen Univ. Japan Development of a badminton coaching program for schoolchild beginners 12-P-08 057
Kanaya, Mariko University of Tsukuba Japan A study on the evaluation methods of the skill acquirement in artistic gymnastics. 12-P-09  
Shuto K Joetsu University of Education Japan A study of the coaching method of "Cartwheel" in floor exercise.. 12-P-10 059
Yamamoto Takada-Minamishiro High School Japan A study of the method of "detour" in coaching of the backward roll in floor exercise 12-P-11 061
Uematsu U Nihon Sports Science Universit Japan Comparison of difficulty operating on Aerobic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics 12-P-12 063
Byeon, Jae Kyung Chungbuk National Univ. Korea Relationship of Physical Fitness Factors to Brain-Derived Neutrophic Factor(BDNF).. in Elementary School 12-P-13  
Akihara Y Hyogo Univ. of Teacher Education Japan Relationship between thickness of thigh muscles and competition performances in male..weightlifters 12-P-14 065
Shi FY Shanghai University of Sport China The influence of plyometric weight training on biomechanics of lower extremity 12-P-15  
Toduka M Hokkaido Univ. Japan The relationship between center of mass and center of pressure in the limits of stability 12-P-16 067
Mani H Hokkaido University Japan Difference of the relative distances from center of pressure..elderly people during One-leg standing 12-P-17 069
Wang Y Tionjin Key Lab of excercise Physiology.. China Effect pf plantar cutaneous inputs on center of pressure during quiet stance in older acults 12-P-18 071
Watanabe, Kazuhiko 1Institute of Sport and Health Science Janan Development of “Step Balance Training System ”: Basic Idea and Application 12-P-19 073
Hasegawa N Hokkaido University Japan Different effects of motor learning between visual and auditory feedback exercises in dynamic postural balance 12-P-20 075
Kim, Heejae Health and Exercise Science laboratory Korea High-speed power training: a novel approach to resistance training in older adults 12-P-21  
Yan H Tianjin Univ. of Sport China The Present Situation and Developing trend of city Elder People's Physical Lifestyle in China Tianjin 12-P-22 077
Kozakai R Hokusho Univ. Japan Report on the sustained exercise program in the subsidized homes for older people in Japan 12-P-23 079
Ueda T Hokusho Univ. Japan Effects of the physical exercise program on longitudinal older people in Hokkaido 12-P-24  
Choi, Wook-chul School of Sports and Health, Kyungsung University Korea The comparison of energy expenditure and hindlimb muscle activities when using different types of footwear.. 12-P-25 081
Liu, Ying-Fang Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management Taiwan The Kinematics of barefoot walking test b..unstable function shoes for 8-week 12-P-26  
Taira R Nagaoka Univ. of Technology Japan The development of an in-shoe device for high-heeled shoes 12-P-27 083
Lu ZQ Shanghai University of Sport China Are compression shorts beneficial for jump performance during drop jumps? 12-P-28  
Yamamoto K Hokusho University Japan Proposal of inexpensive and portable apparatus for jumping movement 12-P-29 085
Kouchi E Nagaoaka Univ. of Technology Japan The Effect, observing oneself exercise while following an exercise video,..on the quality of exercise movements. 12-P-30 087
Kim Hak Kyun Seoul National University Korea Using Smartphone as Coaching Method to Promote Physical Activity Level and Exercise Participation. 12-P-31  
Iwatsuki H Aomori Univ. of Health and Welfare Japan Pointing Practice enhances The Adaptation of Walking with Prism Glasses..Reversal of The Visual Field 12-P-32 089
Kubo J Heisei International Univ. Japan Effect of the rest interval on physiological response during the battling rope interval exercise of judo players. 12-P-33 091
Chen,I-Fan Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan Effects of high intensity interval exercise on visuospatial attention.. 12-P-34  
Enokito S. Daito Bunka Univ. Japan Study on feeling of group effect in the high school volleyball player 12-P-35  
Yoshida S. Conditioning Lab Japan Examining Skill Correction, Focusing on Identifying the Difference Between Erroneous and Correct Movements.. 12-P-36 093
Minouchi.Y. Hokusei-Gakuen Univ. Japan A method of psychological conditioning for competition 12-P-37 095
HIRAOKA,Hiroaki Ryotokuji medical college Japan To investigate the relationship between the mental condition ..coaches' evaluations of their performance in that competition 12-P-38 097
Ikeda E Univ. of Tsukuba Japan Longitudinal validation on factors affecting the Collective Efficacy Scale for Basketball 12-P-39 099
Hirama K Sapporo International Univ. Japan The Influence of Teammate to Motivational Climate in High School and College Baseball Team.. 12-P-40  
Chen Zhouye Shanghai Univ. of Sport China Combination for Scoring in Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei 12-P-41  
Ichimura S Tokyo University of Science Japan A clarification of tactical behavior using sequence analysis in ball game 12-P-42 101
Yamada E Univ. of Tsukuba Japan Comparison of trainings for young players in European handball 12-P-43  
Hirota S Hokusho Univ. Japan Development of New Support Implement and Teaching Technique in Gymnastics 12-P-44
Noguchi T Nihon Univ. Japan Case Study of Training of 2012 Paralympics Swimming Medalist 12-P-45 103
Ishihara T Hokkaido Univ. Japan Dtermining factors for winning sets in the Wheelchair Tennis 12-P-46 105
Mori, Satoshi Tokai Univ. Japan Look back the Sochi Olympic Games: Focusing nordic ski 12-S-11:00  
Byeon ,Jae Kyung Chungbuk Univ. Korea Coaching science for top athlete in Korea 12-S-11:00  
Chen ,Xiaoping Ningbo Univ. China Understanding the menstrual cycle: how it can impact exercise performance 12-S-11:00  
Wang, Yun Tianjin Univ.of Sport China Posture and motor control in elderly 12-S-14:30  
Cheng, James Shih-Chung National Sport Univ. Taiwan Theory and practice in adapted sport 12-S-14:30  
Ho, Andi Li-An Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan Designing Safe and Effective Strength and Conditioning Training.. 12-W-12:30  
Jun ,Tae Won Seoul National Univ. Korea Physical Education and the Future of Coaching Science 13-L-09:00  
Yu, Liu Shanghai Univ. of Sport China Neuromuscular Functional Training.. 13-L-09:45  
Chia, Michael National Inst. of Education Singapore Thirst for more- before, during and after exercise.. 13-L-10:45  
Oka A Nippon Sport Science University Japan What makes an ideal coach for top-level Japanese female Judo athletes 13-OA-01 035
Lin, Kuo-Chuan National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The Effects of Plyometric Training on the Blocking Agility of Volleyball Players 13-OA-02  
Meng, Fan-Wu Univ. of Taipei Taiwan The influence of physical fatigue on balance of volleyball players 13-OA-03  
Kotani K. Nippon Sport Science Univ. Japan A study of the Prescribed Regulation in Japanese Basketball Coaching.. 13-OA-04 037
Chen, Ming-Lun National HsinChu Univ. of Education Taiwan The Relationships between Lower Extremities Strength..Elite Basketball player 13-OA-05  
Yamaguchi K Kyushu Kyoritsu University Japan Time and Steps in Sprint Bounding:.. Muscle Strength Characteristics 13-OA-06 039
Huang Yu-ping Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan The upper limb electromyogram analysis of the world-class bowler 13-OA-07 041
Yang, Hua-Ta National HsinChu Univ. of Education Taiwan Normative Knee Strength and Contraction Profile in Collegiate Adults 13-OA-08  
Huang Guan-Ling National Chiayi Univ. Taiwan Effect of a repeated bout of maximal eccentric exercise of the contralateral elbow flexors.. 13-OA-09  
Lin W-H National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The effect of FMS-based training program on pitching pattern for an elite pitcher 13-OA-10  
>Lin, Zi-Yun National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The risks of Baseball Pitcher's Elbow Injuries 13-OA-11  
Chien L.H. National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The Effect of Continuous Rugby Matches on Oxidative Youth Players 13-OB-01  
Chen, Yi-Ming National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Fucoidan Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance and Anti-Fatigue in Mice 13-OB-02  
Chiu, Yen-Shuo National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Epimedium Brevicornum Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance Mice 13-OB-03  
Huang, Wen-Ching National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Correlations between Physical Performance..of Born Endurance Swimming Mice 13-OB-04  
Tseng WC National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan Effects of long-term progressive strength training on muscle functional .. in old men 13-OB-05  
Iwatsuki H Graduate School of Aomori University of Health and Welfare Japan An Assessment of ECG R-R intervals and Walking Abilities ..under Dual-tasks 13-OB-06  
Kan, Nai-Wen National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The comparison of physiological and biochemical responses between acute aquatic-fitness exercise .. in postmenopausal women 13-OB-07  
WENG, Ming-Chia Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan Blood lactate responses to different configurations of hang clean 13-OB-08  
Kuo, Han-PoP National HsinChu Univ. of Education Taiwan Effect of Plyometric Training on Dynamic Balance Performance in High School Basketball Players 13-OB-09  
Yu-Mei Huang Univ. of Taipei Taiwan The study of swing stability on whole body and head-neck by 3D vestibular training 13-OB-10  
Wang, Yen-Ting 1 National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The Effects of Core Stability Training on Dynamic Balance in Healthy Young Students 13-OB-11  
TANG,Margaret Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan Criteria for defining national Olympic success: A Delphi study 13-P-01  
Oh, Ji Sun Seoul National Univ. Korea The Beneficial Effect of Tai Chi on Muscle Strength,..Depression of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients 13-P-02  
Huang, Wei-Chin National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan The Study of Process to Join The Deutschland Table Tennis on Taiwanese Elite Player 13-P-03  
iWEI, We Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan A preliminary investigation of current status on career planning amongst professional basketball players in Taiwan 13-P-04  
TANG, Sheng-chieh Chinese Culture Univ. Taiwan Athletic career transition: ex-swimmers' experiences of the sports system in taiwan 13-P-05  
Konno R Juntendo Univ. Japan Parental Support of Physical Activity and Its Effect among College Students– Examination of Physical Exercise Habit – 13-P-06 107
Hisano T Osaka Univ. of Health and Sport Sciences Japan Morphological Characteristics of Lower Limb in College Track and Field Athletes 13-P-07 109
Kinomura Y Aichi Toho Univ. Japan The changes in the long jump takeoff as increasing the number of step during the approach run 13-P-08 111
Ohnuma, Hayato National Inst. of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan The laterality and the changes of lower limb movement in first and latter half of 800m running 13-P-09 113
Takahashi K Niigata Univ. of Health and Welfare japan The effects of change of hurdle height and intervals on leg kinematics during double-leg hurdle jump. 13-P-10 115
Kumano A National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan Comparison of approach velocity parameters in long jumpers and triple jumpers at similar performance levels 13-P-11 117
Oda T Hyogo Univ. of Teacher Education Japan Mechanical properties of triceps surae muscle-tendon unit in Kenyan and Japanese distance runners. 13-P-12 119
Ozeki K Osaka Univ. Health and Sport Sciences Japan Relationship between the 15 m time and the kinematic variables of the swimming kick start. 13-P-13 121
Moriyama S Japan Women's College of Physical Education Japan Effect of different breathing rhythm on backstroke swimming 13-P-14 123
Kanazawa S Japan Women's College of Physical Education Japan Relationship between gliding and swimming motions during front crawl swimming in recreational swimmers 13-P-15 125
Ho Chin-Shan National Taiwan Sport Univ. Taiwan An analysis of arm pulls of butterfly stroke 13-P-16  
Watanabe Y Biwako Seikei Sport College Japan The effect of breathing cycle on buoyancy and passive torque in swimmers. 13-P-17 127
Yamagata K Japan Women's College of Physical Education Japan Relationship between core stability and 200 m front crawl swimming performance 13-P-18 129
Tanigawa, T Kyoto Institute of Technology Japan Comparison study of the underwater butterfly kicking between the monofin and the barefoot .. 13-P-19 131
YU Jia-bin Shanghai Univ. of Sport China The kinematic analysis of the landing movement of vault 13-P-20  
Umezaki S Tenri Univ. Japan Characteristics of preparatory and main steps during approach phase in volleyball blocking 13-P-21  
Yoshida S Senshu Univ. Japan A study on the Total Defense in Volleyball game ~Relationship of "Service courses" and "Setting distributions"~ 13-P-22 133
Nishi H Hiroshima Univ. Japan A study on setting technique in volleyball-Focusing on setter's movement, coordinate with receiver's movement- 13-P-23 135
Nagatani M Hokusho Univ. Japan About change of the average height by the introduction of libero-rule in volleyball ..all-Japan, representative players.. 13-P-24 137
Hirata D Senshu Univ. Japan A study of collegiate women tennis players examines reasons and causes for errors 13-P-25 139
Murakami, Shunsuke National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan The effects of tennis training on the acquisition of forehand ground strokes ball spin 13-P-26 141
Kitamura T Biwako seikei sport college Janapn An evaluate tennis player's offensive ability by offensive phase incidence 13-P-27 143
Takahashi, Hiroo National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya Japan The relationships between actual performance and objective feedback with computerized scorebook for tennis 13-P-28 145
S, Kimiko Fukuoka Univ. Japan Structural relationships between passing and dribbling plays under various conditions..during basketball game 13-P-29  
Huang Y Ryutsukeizai Univ. Japan Regarding the present state of the training system for basketball player in China 13-P-30 147
Tamura T Waseda Univ. Japan A research of the fast break after taking the ball in the UEFA EURO 2012 - in comparison with the possession play - 13-P-31 149
Mori M Univ. of Tsukuba Japan The trend analysis of shooting in Women's National Football Tournaments JAPAN 2013 13-P-32 151
Sato R Hokkaido Univ. Japan Teaching Program of Soccer for Physical Education in Junior High School 13-P-33 153
Hayashi Y Biwako Seikei Sport College Japan Quantification of defense performance in soccer by using location information 13-P-34 155
Woo, SeungSeok Seoul National Univ. Korea The Injury Prediction in High-School Baseball Players through Functional Movement Screen(FMS) 13-P-35  
Nakamine Y Long-Term Care Health Facilities Gura-ne Kitanosawa Japan The immediate effect of Hip-abductor muscles exercises on knee valgus angle during single-legged squatting 13-P-36 157
Chang, Hsiao-Yun Chung Shan Medical Univ. Taiwan Core Stability and Hip/Knee Muscles Strength for Female Athletes with Dynamic Knee Valgus 13-P-37  
Yang Y MingDao Univ. Taiwan Application of Kinesio Taping on Basketball Sport Injuries 13-P-38  
Kim, Sang Rae Chungbuk National Univ. Korea Effect of Ketogenic diet on Athletic fitness factors and Antioxidant status in Taekwondo athletes 13-P-39  
Chen, Wen-Chyuan Chang Gung Univ. of Science and Technology Taiwan Cuscuta Chinensis Seed Extract Improves Exercise Performance and Ameliorates muscular injury after exercise 13-P-40  
Hsu, Mei-Chich Kaohsiung Medical Univ. Taiwan Cytoprotective Effects of American Ginseng in a Human Submaximal Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage and Rat Ethanol Gastric Ulcer Model 13-P-41  
Song, Bong Kil Seoul National Univ. Korea Comparison of Colonic Transit Time With Physical Activity Amount in Mental Illness Unit Patients 13-P-42  
Kim, JuneHong Seoul National Univ. Korea The Effect of Exercise on Expression of Myokines in Colon Cancer-induced Mice 13-P-43  
Zhang J Shanghai Univ. of Sport China Generality and Specialty in Brain Structure of Athletes in Two kinds of Open Ball Games 13-P-44